andrea niccolai



Andrea Niccolai is an Italian illustrator, graphic animator and artist.
After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts, he studied various animation techniques and started working as a graphic animator on international projects. In the meantime, he never abandoned his passion for painting and illustration exhibiting his work in Spain (Granada), India (New Delhi) and Italy (Bologna, Milan, Venice).

The search for movement and the great imagery surrounding live performance, with a particular passion for the circus has always been at the heart of his work. He is also an active member of Circo Paniko, known in Europe for its creative and original approach to the world of performance.
He incorporates a “vintage retro figurative” touch with an extreme and animated perspective research into his work. He applies his multidisciplinary skills to creative projects, from animation to painting, illustration and character design.
In recent years, he has overseen the development and creation of the graphic identity of many music, art, circus and theatre festivals. Andrea keeps collaborating with companies and authors creating illustrations dedicated to specific themes such as sustainability, history or art.


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